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 Weihai Sunshine Yachts co.,Ltd

WEI HAI SUNSHINE YACHTS founded in 2012, located in a beautiful coastal city-Weihai.Our company is specialized  in manufacturing inflata  ble paddle board,  surfboard, yoga board  and windsup and so  on. All  ourproducts maintain high quality. Our inflatable boards are constructed of high quality drip stitch fabic(Korean made).This can double make sure there is no pin hole leaks,no cracking and no air bubbles on the surface. It is also UV resistant and not affected by any extreme weather(excesses of heat, cold or humidity), fuel oil or everyday abrasion.We can garantee on our products by providing CE certificate and ISO9001.

Our products are mainly exported to Asia,Europe and America. With our in-house designers, we will translate your any requirments to meet all your standards and wishes.Whichever you choose, we will provide you with our high quality products at a completitive price. 

There will be a wonderful cooperation.

Weihai Sunshine Yachts Co.,LTD. Address : No.1 Bei Ka Er Te Road , Economic Zone , Weihai China Tel:0631-5975990/5970590
Fax:0631 -5975890 Contact:Ms.Qiao Mob:15098122285